What We Do

Strategies Designed to assist family and closely held business through Liquidity, tax, estate and Succession planning.

Business Owner Services

Wealth accumulation

Planning begins with a detailed analysis of your personal and family information, assets and liabilities, life insurance, current estate plans, and proposed plans.

Minimize Taxes

  • Pre- Planning: Advisory and capital gains tax strategies to help prepare you, your family, and business for a successful exit.
  • Exit Strategies: Tax and estate planning strategies for your liquidity event, business exit, acquisition, and succession planning.
  • Tax Efficient Portfolios: Personalized wealth management, charitable planning, and asset allocation for your specific wealth objectives, risk tolerance, and future plans.

Cash Flow Strategies

  • Paycheck Replacement: Create cash flow regardless of market, economic, or interest rate cycle.
  • Diversification: Your portfolio is key to creating an income stream that sustains financial independence.
  • Consider Real Estate & private investments and industries that are likely to grow exponentially.

Group Benefits

Your most valuable asset is your people: When they’re healthy and happy, your business is healthy. It’s why we offer proactive, comprehensive solutions that address emotional, mental, physical, and financial well-being.

Pension Design & Administration

Our Most Common types of Qualified Plans Include: Defines Contribution Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Plans 401(k) Safe Harbor Plans

Key Person Planning

In the event of the death of a key person, key person insurance will help ensure that the company can survive and maintain business operations. Replacing The Key Person

Asset Protection

We believe a properly structured asset protection plan should protect you from taxes, lawsuits, and divorce. To mitigate your risk, we help you identify your options, find the right insurance coverage, protect your assets with trust documents, and utilize estate planning.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-sell Agreements require each owner or partner to sell his or her interest to the remaining owners – or to the business entity itself – under terms defined in the agreement. It equally obligates the remaining owners or the business entity to purchase the deceased or disabled owners’ interest.

Business Valuation Services

In order to help define what your goals are for your business and the path to accomplishing those goals, it’s crucial to develop an accurate determination of what your business is worth.